A Carnivore Story


The scientific consensus agrees that our consumption of meat directly lead to the development and evolution of the modern human brain. The large amounts of creatine, L-carnitine, fatty acids and other nutrients that were required for our neurological evolution came solely from eating meat.

What is more, our senses and our ability to rapidly process information were honed over millennia of hunting prey as ambush predators.  

The human being has grown into the worlds apex predator, possessor of histories greatest achievement, the human mind.  

There is a movement gaining traction across the world today that seeks to discredit and slander our great, carnivorous heritage.  

Some have even taken to "meat shaming", and those with an anti-meat agenda work tirelessly to spin a narrative which says that a socially conscious citizen is to forsake meat in the name of a plant-based diet. 

We stand Carnivorous, against the tide of anti-meat propaganda that is peddled as scientific fact, when it is, in fact, little more than science fiction. 

Carnivore Clothing Company exists to serve the free thinker, the dominant, the person who embraces their role as the crowning achievement of nature’s resolve.

For those with the wisdom to question everything, and to live life on their own terms,

For the lover of America’s most basic liberties, who will eat what he or she will, when he or she wills it, Carnivore Clothing Company was designed for you. Individuals have the God-given right to eat whatever they want… And we want more steak.

After all,

A lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.